Thursday, September 28, 2023

Reader's Comments

Dear Readers,

Writing a blog can be challenging. When you finish writing and click on Publish, you put yourself out there for sharpshotters and readers who disagree with what you've written. As a writer, though, you have to own what you write, good, bad or neutral.

No whining here, just a statement of fact that every blogger (and writer) knows all too well.

In early 2019, I had pretty much retired from active wine writing, but a few friends and colleagues suggested I stay in the game and write a blog. My first blog was published in July 2019 with this introduction:

"I don't enter the blogosphere often, but on a recent foray, I noticed that few wine bloggers actually were writing about wine. Most wine blogs seem to step around the essential information about the vast world of wine. 

With that in mind, I am introducing Gerald D Boyd on Wine, a  wine primer for newcomers to wine and those fans of wine wanting more background information.  No wine politics, wine gossip, wine technology and other assorted topics that are covered by other wine bloggers and wine publications."

Throughout, I've tried to stay close to that statement, with the occasional sidetrack. But, I encountered a problem that has built up over the years: How to reply to "Comments" from readers? It's a technical issue that I haven't (yet) been able to resolve.

My apologies to those of you that sent a "Comment" and never got a reply. It wasn't intentional.  I appreciate the feedback and am working on fixing the problem of answering reader comments. 

Until I get it fixed, here are a few replies to select "Comments":

To those readers wondering why my writing seems to linger in the past, I can only say that I am old and no longer actively traveling and visiting wine regions and wineries.  As I've said numerous times, Gerald D Boyd on Wine posts are a re-telling of my wine experiences and adventures and not a commentary on the state of the wine business today.  The posts are a series of recollections gathered from many years of writing about wine and spirits.  

To those readers that think some of the subjects I write about are too basic and sometimes not current (see above), I would say that Gerald D Boyd on Wine is intended as general knowledge about wine and not detailed specifics.  There are hundreds of wine reference books, wine courses and wine classes for those thirsting for more detailed knowledge. 

Finally, for those few readers who left snarky comments about my Copy Editor and what they see as a lack of professional copy editing, I will just say that my Copy Editor is my wife Janet, a good reader but not a professional editor.  Gerald D Boyd on Wine is meant as informative and educational writing and not a scholarly tract.

Well, I feel better now and I hope you do too.  This is not the end of Gerald D Boyd on Wine, because after only 214 blogs, I'm just getting started.

Thanks for reading this blog,

Gerald D. Boyd


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